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what is bud?
"bud" (building user design) is an Access Consultancy, User Experience and People Centred design advice company.  We are headed up by Steve Maslin, a Chartered Architect and member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC).
what do we do?

We advise, train and enable research within the field of People Centred Design from a Access Consultancy / Disability Access perspective.  We provide our advice on the premise that environments that take into account diverse mobility, sensory, neurological and metabolic needs - work better for us all.  As such we use terms such as UX (User eXperience) Design, Inclusive Design, Universal Design and Service Design to describe the objectives of what we do.  
Amongst other things, we are known for providing Design Reviews and Access Audits under what was the DDA and is now the Equality Act.  By providing these services, we seek to enable clients to reflect on the challenges and opportunities posed by existing environments and/or to anticipate the management and service implications of designs that they commission. 
We provide our advice so that clients and their consultants might be able take account of in-use and operational considerations in their decisions - in order to inform the development of project briefs. Our objective is to enable better user and therefore business/organisational outcomes.
design for the mind? 
We are particularly known for insights as they relate to peoples neurological needs in the built environment.  We refer to this as "Design for the Mind."  Consequently in addition to advice we provide on a broad spectrum of environments, we have provided particular advice on workplace, educational and healthcare designs - including environments pertaining to the needs of people living with dementia, people with learning difficulties and people on the autistic spectrum.  
One might describe what we do as bringing a particular perspective on Human Factors.  We also have access to ergonomists and to occupational, experimental and human factors psychologists if required.
why building user design?

We believe that positive user experiences of built environments lead to greater service user / customer satisfaction, improved employee productivity and therefore increased organisational success.

Whether your role is in commissioning, project management, design, facilities management, human resources, customer services, brand consultancy, art, web/app design or another discipline altogether, why not consider our tailored services?

Why not find out more and take a look at our client, service, sector and experience coverage?

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