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different sectors with different needs

Different sectors pose a variety of demands and expectations on organisations, their environments and their users (whether they be employees, service users or customers):


Effective transfer of both visual and audible information within stress reductive environments enable academic performance.  Why not find out how to optimize your academic environment?

Steve's advice includes campus, hall, academic and service building designs at  UWE, RHUL, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Reading, Liverpool, Salford, Keele, Swansea, Brunel and New York Abu Dhabi universities.


The enabling and learning environments are key, whilst some schools are typified by significant movement, offer specific  opportunities or benefit from co-location.  Why not find out what works?

Steve has undertaken work for Wiltshire LEA, extensive audits for Torbay LEA and, specification and advice works to numerous schools within southern England and Wales.


Effective communication, way-finding, pleasurable journeys, wellbeing and comfortable environments encourage repeat business.  Why not ask us to help you achieve new and repeat business?

Steve's work includes experience includes Sainsbury's, Barclays Bank, Ibis, Holiday Inn and several  other hotel business in addition to public sector commissioned facilities serving visitors and communities.


Civic kudos is ultimately dependant on the tax payer's or visitor's experience of the civic  and community environments they visit.  Why not ask us to help you win appreciation for your civic environments? 

Community projects have included Lawrence Weston Community Hub and other civic environments for which Steve has provided advice, include: Torbay, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset Council offices in addition visitor attractions and law courts.


Public realms and transport environments are frequently co-existent but also have need of  embracing a wide range of potentially conflicting demands.  Why not ask us to help you find solutions?

Steve has advised CHIT's Manual for Streets II  and his advice includes: Bristol City Centre, Cardiff Central transport interchange, UWE campus, Torbay's Castle circus and Oxford Rail Station.


Many a person can find themselves trapped in residential settings, inhibiting their enjoyment and participation within employment and society.  Why not ask us  help you identify enabling home solutions?

Steve projects including bespoke, specialist provision, refurbishments and large estate projects, in addition to his direct employment and voluntary activities in the housing field, such as Shelter.


The Olympics and Paralympics have done much to change perceptions as to what can be achieved.  Does your environment optimise the personal achievement of its users?  Why not ask us for advice?

Steve project advice, includes advice given for sport solution agencies and schools and  has contributed to Sports England's review of its guidance regarding design for the mind.


The need to achieve  positive customers experiences in places of leisure and entertainment is obvious.  Since this is so critical, why not commission us to undertake an audit and identify solutions?

Steve has undertaken pre-assessment of proposals for visitor attractions in Cornwall and South Wales.  He has also reviewed Reading University's Great Hall, host of choral and organ recitals.


Places of worship feature many characteristics of school buildings, in addition to particular requirements of worship and outreach.  Why not identify ways of optimising worship, outreach and service?

Much of his professional, and family life has been associated with church life.  He has a wide range of very relevant experience and understand many of the nuances of church life.


Healthcare environments include medical and/or therapeutic provision.  To what extent is your environment be aiding or hindering health?  Why not ask us help you identify solutions?

Steve has particular experience of people's neurological, psychological, sensory, physical and metabolic needs, having worked for Social Services and well placed to identify challenges and opportunities.


Custodial environments are environments nobody really wants to find themselves in.  Society's hope is of reforming offenders.  Many are vulnerable.  Why not find out how not to make matters worse?

Steve's has provided advice regarding  Salisbury Law Courts and Bristol Civic Justice Centre and has particularly relevant voluntary work experience and understanding of design for the mind.


Successful commercial activity is reliant on productivity.  Happier people will be more motivated and constructive. Why not find out how simple yet easily overlooked factors can change how people feel?

Projects for which Steve has provided advice include, commercial office facilities for BSkyB, Bristol Water, Sigma-Aldrich, Burgess Salmon, and Barclaycard.  He has a particular interest in productive work environments.


Industrial activities often place significant demands on the people who work in them.  Why not ask us to help you identify means by which you can reduce negative impacts of demanding environments?

Industrial projects for which Steve has provided advice include the National Composites Centre and VOSA Vehicle Test Centre in Bristol and the British Forces Post Office in Northolt.

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